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As someone living in Pakistan the disparity is hard to forget. And as you say every act of consumption, every comfort and luxury is laden with guilt and seems almost unfair. I have often thought that moving would rid me of this guilt, make life more ‘pleasant’ but I remind myself that that is another form of luxury. It doesn’t change the inequity of the world. I can avoid witnessing this suffering but it will carry on. And perhaps the least we can do is acknowledge it, recognise it and what it teaches us about ourselves instead of living in an illusion.

I do have conflicted thoughts about what this does long term- and often wonder if exposure to such suffering makes us better or more hardened and insensitive..

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Ah, being in NY now seems to me to always being exposed to inequality too, and this Sontag quote really moved me. Will be thinking about it for quite some time. Thank you for sharing!

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A nice way to organize your thoughts and share with us, thank you!

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